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123Movies was called gostream until they decided to make changes and name it a little numerical, the changes were outstanding just like Netflix but, at some point, because the website didn’t have any downtime. It was running smoothly until recently it started showing some errors, and their uploading speed lacked persistence.

Since I am a big fan of 123movies and I’ve watched many movies there myself, I was sick of the errors. I decided to search for the better alternatives of this site, and I got some excellent websites that are better and running smoothly so, the following are my top handpicked best options of 123movies.

Update and Introduction to a better 123Movies

As many of the frustrated users visit this site, we’ve got a piece of good news for you. 123Movies has recently updated the outlet of the site, and it is better than ever.  There are no annoying pop-ups, and no downfalls or errors are getting recorded recently. Movies and shows are smooth, and the quality has improved drastically.

There are more genres, and navigation has just made easy. There’s this cool feature where you can see the list of best movies/shows followed by all the categories below. It is fascinating to a new and improved 123Movies.

Old 123Movies Layout


New 123Movies Layout


123 Movies Proxies/Mirror sites

SiteStatusServer ResponseSafety?
https://123movies.men/ONLINEVery FastSSL Protected
http://123movies.unblockall.orgONLINEVery FastProtected
https://123movies.men/ONLINEVery FastSSL Protected
http://www4.123movies.net/ONLINEVery FastProtected
http://www1.123moviess.onlineONLINEVery FastProtected

What are 123movies Proxy/mirror sites? Is it safe to use them?

Proxy, also called Mirror sites are the exact replicate of a particular site with some changes in the website name and extension. They are safe in most cases and usually run by the same people who own the official site.

Legal Alternatives Of 123Movies

NameNo of Total UsersNo of Users Last Month
Popcorn Time95M+8M+
Los Movies5M+70K+
Watch Series170M+9.1M+
Movie Ninja10M+74K+
Solar Movie12M+300K+

1. Putlocker


Our assumption is, majority of the users already know Putlocker and, fascinatingly, it is one of the safest and legal movie streaming websites. The vast collection of movies and shows with simple and easy navigation makes it look more reliable, and no wonder why users prefer it to be their number one choice.

Putlocker is one of the most amazing alternatives of 123Movies despite all the complications the site has been through over time. For the record, Putlocker is now live, and many mirror/proxy sites are running smoothly just in case the official ones face any trouble in the future.

As many of you know, the official site is no longer available. Still, there are Putlocker Proxy, Mirror sites, which are the replicate of the original one, So, if you want to check out, go to Putlocker Proxy/Mirror working sites in 2020.


  • Putlocker has 50+ Categories.
  • Millions of users each month.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Multiple back-ups.


  • The original one is in a trouble lately.

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2. Megashare


Megashare is another people’s choice and a fine alternative of 123Movies. With a decent outlet and more than 30 categories, it tends to catch many users. I’m sure once you start watching movies or shows or series in megashare, you won’t be needing any other site. Watch out for those ads though but, with AdBlocker, you can keep things under control.

The superb thing about megashare is, that it shows you the up-coming movies/shows and don’t worry, before the release, there are always trailers uploaded so, you get the idea on what’s coming. The movies in cinema category list the movies which are presented on big screens so, if you want to just relax in your comfort zone with your choice of snacks and watch latest movies, that can be a possibility with megashare.


  • The latest Movies are on a smaller screen now.
  • More than 30 categories.
  • Up-coming list of shows/movies.


  • Ads may annoy you a bit.

3. Popcorn Time

popcorn Time

Popcorn Time has promised something better this time. The official site where we could watch shows or movies has now turned into a source. You have to download the app, yes you heard it, Popcorn Time has launched an app for all its users, it is available in windows, Mac, Android, etc. The good thing is, all the pop-ups are now evaluated and AD free streaming can be done.

popcorn time

Now, as you can see the image right up, there are different versions, choose any which are compatible to your desktop/Tab or mobile and download it. Popcorn Time has certainly shown a new way of streaming and We think people would love it. Definately a great alternative of 123Movies.


  • New Way of Streaming.
  • Pop-ups are no longer on.


  • You have to download the app.

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4. Los Movies

Los Movies

How interesting will it be for you guys to choose any random show/movie based on alphabets? That’s right, to make it a little innovative and funny, Los Movies lets you pick a show through alphabets. The top featured list is obviously on top and the classic hits are just below as seen in the image.

You might’ve missed this but, there are 1793 pages on loss movies!! With averaging 15 shows per page, that’s 26,895 videos in total!! and, by the time you visit Los Movies, there will be more than 2200 pages, can you believe the activeness on that site! Los Movies is certainly a promising alternative of 123Movies.


  • More than 26,000 Videos.
  • Funny and uniqueDesign


  • Inappropiate sponsored ads.

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5. Watch Series

watch series

Watch Series HD is now live with even better features and Boy I must say the best layout for a movie streaming site. With millions of users each month on its name, it is so good of an alternative when compared to 123Movies. The design is absolutely fabsolous with all the categories listed on the left side and the good stuff to the right.

Watch Series is a totally legal site with no obligations what so ever. On the top you’ll see the trending content followed by the list of latest episodes. Now, you might get a little annoyed by the promoted content on the website but, that’s how they cover all the cost and feel lucky there aren’t any pop-ups to ruin your day.


  • Almost every genre available.
  • All Series and movies which are available on Watch Series can be viewed in one click.


  • Promoted Content.

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6. FMovies


Fmovies is a brand with an F word, lol. Well, the perfect alternative to 123movies. It has more than 30,000 videos to its name and there are plenty of ways to choose a show. Want to watch a Russian movie/show? Just click on the ‘Country’ option and there you have it. You can always go with alphabets or you can check the most-watched list, that’s where the real good stuff is.

In Fmovies, you can even anime or if you there isn’t a specific show listed which you really want to see, you can contact their support and ask them to upload it, you can do that via ‘request’ option. There’s a lot to choose from when you’re suffering Fmovies.


  • More than 30,000 Videos.
  • Choose the show via country.
  • Anime is also listed in Fmovies.


  • You may face low quality in some Videos.

7. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja, an attractive name with royal design. The homepage features all the shows in High Quality and you can switch to the most viewed or the most favorite category for more options. There are no complications with the site, its simply good and it lets you see the IMDb list which can make a vital difference when choosing the shows.

When clicking on a specific show, you get the option of download or watch it there itself. There are no pop-ups on the site. When clicked on the tv-series option, it’ll show you the latest aired episode. In conclusion, Movie Ninja is so good of an alternative to 123movies and can even surpass it if more shows added.


  • Good Royal look.
  • No ADS.


  • Fewer Number of shows/movies.

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8. Primewire


PrimeWire is by far the most improved Streaming site. The simplicity is just insane and there are all the bunch of categories to choose from. The Country-wise option has shows/movies from 120+ Different Nations. From America to Aghanistan, there is pretty you can watch. Primwire lists all the possible shows which are there on the internet.

The premium access will get rid of all the pop-ups and promoted content. You can still do anything within the Free Version so, in our opinion the premium version isn’t required. If you put the crosser on a particular show, it’ll provide the ratings and the overview of the show and, the basis you must know before watching. In-short it is a great alternative of 123Movies.


  • Shows from 120+ Different Countries.
  • It provides an overview of every show.


  • Too many pop-ups in free version.

9. Solar Movie

Solar Movie

With 27 Genres and more than Ten Thousand Videos. Solar Movie has certainly caught many users. The interference is very smooth and the quality of videos is just top-notch. You can view shows in 13 different countries. Solar Movie is protected by Cloudflare so, feel safe to use it.

It has more than a thousand movies and counting. The cinema options give you an edge which features the all-time best movies. Pick any of em and you’re gonna love it. You can check the top IMDb list from there itself which makes it easier since you have the reviews and all.


  • 27 Genres and thousands of movies and shows.
  • No Pop-ups.
  • Top IMDb listings.


  • Inappropriate Content Promoted.

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10. Popcornflix


Have you ever heard of an un-official website that has its own shows? Well, there you go, PopcornFlix has made it its own shows and they are damn interesting. While on the movies section, you get to see the most trending one followed by the most popular one and then you get to see the original Popcornflix movies. If you scroll down further, you’ll see the number of genres followed by its movies. The same listing goes with Tv Shows.

Bored of movies or series? Well, Popcornflix has a section of viral videos where you get to see the interesting videos from all around the world. While if you click on the top left, you can see the directory option, that option will lead you all the categories which are sort listed, you can click on any of one which you wanna see and there are hundreds and thousands of movies/shows on a particular genre. In conclusion, PopcornFlix is the finest alternative to 123Movies.


  • It contains Viral Videos from all over the globe for entertainment.
  • It has its own shows.


  • Adult/Money making ADS.

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There are many other sites which are great but, these are the some which I really liked and which gave quality and quantity both. In the end, the only motive is to stick with the site which provides every possible show and I think these sites are capable to do so because they are very popular for the regular content they post.

This post was just for the users and the agenda was to help them out with multiple options and best advantages. 123Movies has indeed improved but, there are a lot of options to choose from if you wish to change things a little.

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