KissAnime Free & Paid Alternatives Of 2020

KissAnime is one of the best anime streaming sites the internet has every bought up and fascinatingly, it is even better than paid ones. There are more than 10 Thousand anime movies and series available in kissanime making it one of the top streaming sites. You can search for any new or old anime and if you don’t find it there, you will hardly find it somewhere else.

Introduction to KissAnime

The homepage of Kissanime contains the latest and hot release of animes and the right sidebar contains recent uploads. There are 6 options and one search bar in the head. If you want a mobile-friendly version or you want all the dubbed anime list available in kissanime, you can have it in one click.

You can even watch cartoons and you can filter categories or you can just search for the anime you want to watch, everything is available in those 7 options. Now, since there is a lot on kissanime, why are we searching for alternatives? Well, kissanime has a lot of annoying pop-up ads and the site has many replicates and some errors are going on as well.


You may be not aware of it but, kissanime has many proxy sites and every site works the same. If you follow the proxy sites, you won’t end up in any false replicate sites. The extensions of these sites are different, the inner content is the same.

Kissanime Proxy Sites

Proxy SiteStatusServer ResponseSafety?
kissanime.acOnlineVery FastSSL Protected
kiss-anime.meOnlineFastSSL Protected
kissanimetv.netOnlineFastSSL Protected
kiss-anime.coOnlineVery FastSSL Protected
kissanime.ruOnlineVery FastSSL Protected

Now, as you can see in the title, We’ve mentioned Ad-free experience because that’s what frustrates the majority of the users. Well, we can surely get rid of pop-up ads and what we are going to share with you will help you get over with any type of ads for not only kissanime and its alternatives but, any site in general.

Adblocker for Kissanime and its alternatives

KissAnime AdBlocker for Desktop Users

Sick of annoying pop-ups, right? Well, if you’re a desktop user then you can simply go to Google Chrome Extension and search for the term ‘adblocker’ and there are hundreds of extensions available. To make it easy we have linked down the best adblocker.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlocker for Mobile/Tablet Users

The procedure is a little different for mobile users, You can just search for the term, ‘adblocker’ on the Play store and there are many apps that will block ads on the majority of sites. Just pick the one with the most downloads and which have the best reviews.

We have kept this sweet and short but, if you want a full guide on adblocker then you can simply click here.

Now, that we are done with ads, we can finally proceed to Kissanime Alternatives. Adblocker can be used on any of these sites and all the sites are protected.

Alternatives of KissAnime[FREE]

NameUsers Last MonthTotal Users

1. 9Anime


We think there is no need to introduce 9Anime considering it has millions of users each month and it is as equal as Kissanime and a perfect alternative as well. It has almost every anime that is available on kissanime.

You can search by genres or you can see the latest uploaded list as well. The best way to make full use of 9anime is by signing up which is free and by doing that, you can watch anime where you left and you can schedule your watch list too. You can request a particular series/movie to the 9anime team if it is not available on their site. Interested in movies alone? There is a complete section based on movies itself.

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2. GoGoAnime


GoGoAnime is another anime streaming site which is as good as KissAnime or maybe even better, with more than 50 categories and Millions of user base, it is one of the best sites. The homepage itself is attractive with all the latest hit animes and a little clickbait spice in the sidebar.

The popular section is unique and it has the best animes of all time. Every anime is available in high quality and the majority are available in dub. You can search through anime list or if you want to see movies then there is a different category for that too. Sign-up because it is free and it has benefits.

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3. AnimeLab


Not to be too one-sided but, Animelab is one of my favorite anime streaming sites. The design is easily the best compared to other sites and the collection of anime is just amazing. The homepage is so well designed that you only have to choose the genre and it will show the latest and the top series, it goes like this.

Click on the shows option and it’ll show you the trending and the popular list with the recently added list and at the end, it’ll display all the shows it as and it goes with every category, truly admiring. If you click onto the movies section, it’ll show you the trending movies followed by the popular one and so on.

The interference is so smooth that every user is going to love it. There are no ads. The top page displays no of hit shows and again it goes with category wise. It’ll roll out the trending list in a gallery manner once selected the category.

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4. AnimeTv


AnimeTv is another very fine alternative of KissAnime. You can search the anime through the use of alphabets and you can select the sub or dub option in the homepage itself. Anime calendar is a unique thing about it, shows you the release date of an anime through a calendar. The Homepage contains of trending and newly released anime.

AnimeTv is one of the most famous sites and a very clean one so to say. You can search the movies and series differently or you can search your way if you have made-up your mind on an anime.

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5. AnimeFrenzy


As many of AnimeFrenzy fans know, this is the latest layout and you can switch to old layout anytime you want. There are thousands of anime listed here and you can easily filter the sub and dub list. The homepage contains the latest anime episode and the time it got aired. You can sign-up and continue where you left or you can download the app on the mobile/tab.

You can schedule the anime and you can check out the popular list as well. Also, you can join the discord group of AnimeFrenzy, the discord is fully active and I’m sure you’ll get many more anime recommendations.

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6. AnimeFreak


Next in the list is AnimeFreak, now you may have noticed the appropriate ads but, since we’ve already provided the solution to those ads, we don’t think that could be of any problem. The greatest thing about animefreak is, it provides manga!!!!! Yes, the manga lovers, you heard us right.

There are hundreds of manga available and if you click on the top left navigation icon, from there you can choose your anime through category, latest episodes and you can filter the trending list as well. Yet not satisfied with the site? You can contact support for further assistance.

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7. AnimeLand


AnimeLand is another great alternative to Kissanime. The homepage has a decent design and the website mainly focuses on all-time best animes. As you can see in the image, there’s the latest episode of respective animes on the front page and list of top 5 animes on the right. You can filter your choice on the top.

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8. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is another great streaming site and you’ll love the choices of anime they provide. The list just never ends and there are so many ways you can discover new anime here. You can check out the most popular, the most trending list followed by hot animes listed a little down below.

You can listen to anime soundtracks and there is asain drama available as well. You can even read the manga or you can check out the latest episodes. You can find animes through alphabets or you can simply just search for it.

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There are many other free anime streaming sites but, we’ve mentioned the best in business and honestly, these are more than enough but, the list doesn’t end here. There is a paid list of anime streaming sites for the people who like to spend some bucks.

Alternatives of KissAnime[PAID]

NameUsers Last MonthTotal Users
Anime Planet400K+10M+

1. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Now, you might be wondering why we added Anime-Planet on our paid list, well, anime-planet does provide free content but only after a week later when the episode gets aired. Only the premium members can have access to the latest aired videos. It’s a nice strategy since hardly people can wait to see the plot. Anime planet is one of the premium streaming sites where you can interact with people and of course you can read manga there as well.

With over 45,000+ Anime episodes, it is differently one of the largest anime streaming sites available on the internet. The design is very clean and the unique thing about this site is that you can check out the favorite characters and you can debate about them in the community, It sounds pretty interactive if you ask me.

There is a section of popular manga as well just in case the popular video section feels old enough. It’ll recommend you the top animes as well and boy you should not miss that one. Every anime listed there is with reviews so. you’ll know if it’s worth a watch.

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2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll Is definitely the biggest anime streaming site internet has ever offered. Each and every anime/movie is listed there and there are more than 50,000+ videos available on Crunchyroll. Even the manga options are very vast. You can enjoy anime games and you can get latest news about anime world too.

The community is very active indeed and it shows anime according to your preference. The app is available on Play store and app store both. Now, if you’re considering this app then its a total worth to buy. You can find anything related to anime, nothing is left out.

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3. Netflix


Netflix doesn’t even need an introduction. It is mainly known for the shows but, Netflix recently has started adding animes and now there are more than 500+ animes available on that platform and the numbers are getting higher each day. It has one of the best animes like Fullmetal Alchemist, Coyboy Bebop, etc. With over 500M users, the anime category will soon heat up even more.

Need Netflix alternatives? Netflix is a paid site/application and if you want free shows which are available on Netflix then you can go onto, Putlocker Alternatives[Free shows/movies]

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Final Words

Please note that none of the sites paid or free mentioned in the article are affiliated to us. These were our top list of anime streaming sites. Each site is live and safe to use. Every site had its benefits and frankly, each is capable to provide healthy anime content. Anime is life-changing and the concepts are fascinating. No wonder millions watch it every day and are crazy about it.

If you have any other suggestions kindly put it down in the comment section and you can check out Techzhack for more amazing content.

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