Megashare and it’s 10 Best Alternatives Of 2020 [100% Safe and Verified]

Megashare is one of the promising websites to deliver the latest movies and shows on their platform. Megashare has many more than 30 categories to choose from and a network of 50M+ users overall. It provides hundreds of shows and thousands of movies all in high resolution. Megashare is free to use.

The homepage displays the number of trending shows and from the left corner, you can navigate yourself through the help of categories. You can even check the upcoming series/movies and if you sign up with megashare, they will update you whenever the whole series or movie is live on their channel. That’s not the only benefit, you can continue where you left and you can download the shows as well.

Now, you might be wondering why to choose something else when everything seems perfect? See, megashare has been dealing with errors lately and, it stays down for hours. So, it is better to already have some alternatives. Well, since there are many replicates of megashare, we have linked down the original one. Also, we’ve shared some of the best alternatives of megashare which are superior and reliable.

Alternatives of Megashare 


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NameNo of Total UsersNo of Users Last Month
Watch Series100M+5.5M+
Los Movies100M+3M+
Popcorn Time 60M+3M+
Solar Movie70M+2M+

1. Putlocker


Putlocker is surely the best alternative of Megashare because it has varieties of tv shows, movies and a vast number of categories/genres to choose from. Honestly, it is way better than any website available on the internet since it has been live for many years now and there are millions of active users watching without any issues. Putlocker has n number of categories, from classical movies to the newly released ones and from the 70s tv-shows to the latest live ones, you can find almost anything on putlocker.

You can either search for the shows from the homepage or you can search the trending list on the Putlocker to see what’s new and exciting in the market. One can even select the specific country to see what’s trending there and you can watch the show in your preferred language as well. You can even check the IMDb list and see the top-rated shows in just one click, with putlocker you’re never out of options.


  • Putlocker has 50+ Categories.
  • All new shows are available on Putlocker.
  • The Homepage has all the Latest/trending Movies
  • Create an account to store every data.


  • Honestly, I personally haven’t found any cons in putlocker.

2. 123Movies

GoStream was formerly known as 123Movies. 123Movies is a kind of exception among free video streaming websites. If you want to watch the latest movies are TV shows that are broadcasting on the TV, GoStream seems to be a much better option than megashare. But keep in mind that most of the content on GoStream/123Movies is not legal. Though Cyber authorities have taken down the 123Movies website multiple times, it magically reappears on a new domain.

123Movies is mainly popular for the latest TV shows, movies and variety in its content. You may also find YouTube originals and Netflix originals on 123Movies.


  • Dozens of latest movies and TV shows.
  • Decent user interface.
  • High Quality.
  • Downloads available.


  • Most of the video content is pirated.(FIXED)
  • Flooded with ads.

3. Watch Series

watch online series

Watch Online Series becomes your favorite free movie streaming website if you love watching movies in the Dark Mode. The dark grey background of this website makes it a pleasure to watch movies. Watch Online Series website is more of a TV series website than a movie’s website. No matter whether you are hunting for an 80s TV show or 70s TV show, there is a good chance that you may find it on Watch Online Series.

American Crime Story, Teen Mom, Blue Bloods, The Purge are some of the TV series on this website to give you an idea. It is not a great alternative to megashare as the movie collection is a bit limited. However, it won’t disappoint the TV series addicts.


  • Great collection of TV series.
  • The dark grey background makes movie watching easy on eyes. (The dark mode certainly brings a theatre-like feel)
  • New episodes are displayed on the homepage itself.


  • A limited collection of movies. (It may vary since it also has 70s tv-shows)
  • Boring design. (The design doesn’t look professional but, it certainly won’t matter)

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4. Los Movies

los movies

At first glance, Los Movies may not look like a movie streaming website with a huge catalog. But the fact, it has a long and massive catalog of thousands of pages. Los Movies is the best place to find that old movie which makes has been floating in your memory for a long time. It is a reliable megashare alternative with some cool features which makes it the favorite go-to source for lots of movie buffs across the planet.

Los Movies is also the best free movie streaming website for non-native speakers as it’s search functions allows the users to filter the movies and TV series with subtitles.


  • Videos load at a decent pace. (The site response is pretty quick)
  • Massive collection of movies and TV series.
  • Multiple languages are available too.
  • Good search filters. (You can easily search the one you’re looking for)


  • Be prepared for a pop-up blast. (It’ll pop for 2-3 times)

5. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time (not to be confused with Popcornflix) is easily comparable to megashare on many levels. The massive movie and TV series collection of Popcorn Time is almost similar to that of megashare. If you love megashare for movie download feature, then you’ll surely love Popcorn Time as it allows the users to download movies and episodes of TV series for later watching.

Content is properly organized and search filters work like a charm. The advertising is limited when compared to other free movie streaming websites. Overall, Popcorn Time is a great platform for all the movie buffs who crave for a buffet of movies without paying any subscription fee.


  • Massive collection of TV series and movies.
  • One of the best alternatives to primewire.
  • All the Movies and shows are fully HD and it works with data saving mode as well.


  • Sometimes the video is a bit laggy and slow.
  • Subtitles are not synced properly for some movies. (The audio is available in multiple languages)

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6. FMovies


FMovies receives millions of visitors every month just like megashare. Unlike other movie streaming websites that display hundreds of movies on the homepage, FMovies show up a simple search bar. It looks like a movie search engine with a stylish interface. The menus on the top and bottom can be useful to know the latest uploads. FMovies has been a great alternative to megashare for a long time. Whenever megashare was down for some reason, it is Fmovies that comes into the minds of movie lovers.


  • Minimalist interface.
  • Nothing short of primewire when it comes to the collection.
  • Has been Reliable for a long time. (Fmovies is hardly down)
  • Less number of ads compared to other free movie websites.


  • Low video quality. (It depends)

7. Rainierland


Raineirland has a wide range of movies and TV series which you can watch for absolutely free. The best thing about Rainierland is that it hosts some of the latest and popular TV shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, etc. The design of the site looks pleasant and the video player works seamlessly. There is no lag or delay during the streaming.

It seems to be a genuine website with licensed copies of movies and TV shows.

There is no Legit Rainierland site.


  • Uploads new movies every week. (It keeps you updated)
  • Seamless video player.
  • It contains the latest TV series.


  • Dozens of ads on every video.

There is no legit Rainierland site.

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8. Primewire


Primewire is a kind of different from other movie streaming websites. In fact, it is not a movie streaming website at all as it does not store any movie or TV series on its server/database. What it does is it stores the links(sources for movies) on its database. So, it is the best place to find sources to watch movies.

Though it is not a real alternative for megashare, it can help find the sources for your favorite movies. It is like a directory where all the movie and TV series links are stored. Recently, it has been blocked in many countries disappointing numerous fans all across the world. Primewire has been serving movie buffs for the last 7 or 8 years. It was called back then.


  • Best place to find any movie or TV series.
  • Active community.
  • Full HD videos and you can watch anything without having to worry about ads. It is all hassle-free streaming.


  • It’s blocked in many countries.

9. Solar Movie

solar movie

If you often use megashare to seek new movies and for some reason, you are looking for an alternative, it is Solar Movie. It is equally good when it comes to the latest movie streaming. It’s a great place to find the latest movies but you may have to compromise on video and sound quality. We are not sure if movie copies on Solar Movie are licensed or pirated. The user interface is responsive and the design looks cool. The top menu is helpful to discover new movies.


  • Great collection of movies and TV shows.
  • Pleasant design and user-interface.


  • Unfortunately, it’s banned by some ISPs.
  • Mediocre video quality especially for new movies.
  • Flooded with pop-up ads.

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10. Popcornflix


If you are hunting for a free alternative megashare, you must consider Popcornflix for sure. You do not need to spend a dime to watch any of the movies on their catalog. Their catalog is super-long and nicely categorized to make it easy for the users to find their favorite films. The user-interface on megashare (especially the web app) is simple and intuitive.

To find the categories, click on the three-bar menu icon on the top-left and click on the Directory on the menu. A list of genres appears – Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror, Romantic, Western, Documentaries, Mystery, Drama, etc.

Go to the genre of your choice and click on any movie. The movie starts loading in the player and you just need to click on the play button to start watching. With its grand movie catalog and considerably good loading speeds, Popcornflix certainly deserves a mention on this list of megashare alternatives.


  • Extremely well-organized content on the web app
  • It provides information about every movie just like Primewire.
  • It offers a lot of old and classic Anime video collection.


  • Advertisements or not organized/placed properly.
  • It would be better if they start offering a little more latest content.

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Through there are still many alternatives of megashare which we didn’t mentioned in our article, This 10 are the best we could found. Of course you can write down more suggestions to help out the other users and we may consider it to add into our articles.

Note that none of the websites are affiliated with us. With that being said hope you’ll find the right alternative for you. Each site is different and they are better in their own way. You can stick around with megashare but we’ll recommend you to check the others for backup and there is a pretty good chance of liking one of them. Anyway, let us know through the comment section.

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