How to SAFELY DOWNLOAD movies from FMOVIES in 2020[Windows, Android, MAC]

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Before you visit the website make sure you use a secure VPN to access the same.

What is Fmovies? How to download movies from it?

Watching movies online is one of the best entertainment today. You get to choose what you want to watch when you want to watch and where you want to watch. Fmovies is one best and most used website for the same.

Fmovies has been one of the leading websites since past few years and the users keep on increasing every day. It is not legal to access the website in some regions. So, better than taking a risk of getting your IP traced, one can always use a safe VPN.

As mentioned above Nord VPN is one of the best in the market with the cheapest rate.


Fmovies’ viewers and daily users are in millions which are rising every quarter. There are various reasons one prefers watching movies/series/shows on Fmovies over other websites.

These reasons and features make it one of the best online streaming website today. It continues to slam down it’s competitors year by year an comes up to be one of the most popular websites for this purpose.

Some of the key features include vast catalogue, updated directory, easy accessibility and no cost involved.The home page is user friendly with an eye-catching theme and movie list suggestions which are updated every day.

You name the movie and you have it on Fmovies already and that too in with various links and resolutions as per your preference. It is not just recommended for desktops but even tabs and mobile phones.

In-short it is the best option one could have to watch online with any gadget.

Although, sometimes while travelling or to have a buffer-free watch during low internet speed one wants to download the same to watch it without any interruptions.

And, Fmovies does not provide you with a direct download option on its website. So, to overcome that issue you can use the below-given applications and websites for downloading the same. It includes applications for all the systems per se.

How to download movies from Fmovies?
Windows users can download ACE THINKER from below


Android users can use KEEP VID


MAC users can use Video Saver Pro +


Steps to install and use the above given applications

Step 1 

Click on the download button and install the application setups.

Step 2 

Copy the URL you want to download.

For eg. Go to the Fmovies and select the movie you want to watch. Copy the link and paste it in the respective applications.

Step 3

Select the resolution you need from the menu.

Step 4

Start Downloading.

Step 5

Download and enjoy your movie.


Watching movies or any web series online is the most convenient option in today’s world. It is a better monetary option which is time and place oriented as per your choice and preference.

The trend will go on and won’t stop here as everyone needs entertainment in life and binge-watching is preferred as a mode of relaxation by most of the people in today’s generation.

So, go ahead and watch the same safely and download with the best available option for yourself.



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