How To Watch Shows on Putlocker Without ADS In 2020[Desktop & Mobile]

Putlocker is one of the biggest movie streaming sites and the user base per month is more than 5M. Now, the Putlocker is a free site indeed but, to cover up the server cost and to take benefit of the site they have to monetize their site in some or the other way so, they do it by placing ads & sponsored posts in their website and they get paid for it.

That’s very understandable considering the goodies they provide but, sometimes the ads are just so annoying and it often ruins the mood because putlocker uses pop-up ads which redirects you to a different website.

So, how to tackle such a situation and how to watch shows on putlocker without any ads? Well, you have to use an adblocker and I am going to share with you exactly how you can do that.


How to Avoid ADS while using Putlocker?

AdBlocker for Desktop

I’ve been analyzing the user base for putlocker and I found out, 70% of the users are using either a pc/laptop and I see why because of the big screen, very logical. So, why not I start with the solution for desktop users.


This a chrome extension which you can use and it’ll not only block ads on putlocker but, any site which contains ad.

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How to Install AdBlock Plus for Putlocker?

I’ve broken down the downloading and installation process in 2 simple steps.

Step 1

Click on the button above and it’ll redirect you to the google chrome extension page and on that page, you’ll see the ad block plus extension and on the top right corner, there is a ‘add to chrome‘ button.


Step 2

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘add to chrome’ button it’ll ask you to add the extension or to cancel it.

adblock plus

Click on the add extension and you’re done, AdBlock plus is now added in your desktop and it is ready to block ads from almost every website.

adblock plus

On the top right corner, you’ll see the Adblock Plus extension icon and settings will look like this. It will show you the no of ads on a particular site and the total ads blocked. So, that’s how you can avoid ads while watching putlocker or any other site in general.

How to Avoid ADS while using Putlocker?

AdBlocker for Mobile

There are many apps available on the play store which are legit and you can use to block pop-ups and ads. All you have to do is, go to the play store and search for ad blockers and there will be a list of apps mentioned, just choose one of them with the most positive rating and install it. The procedure is really simple.

Final Words

Putlocker can be easily more enjoyable without any frustrating ads and not only putlocker, but there are million other sites which can be annoying and you can use these methods on them as well. Please keep in mind that none of the above ad blockers mentioned in the article are affiliated to us.

The hard reality is, putlocker is no longer available but, many proxy sites are working just as great. Also, there are many alternatives to putlocker which are as good as putlocker itself so, you can try that too.

Streaming sites are always at risk but, many new sites show up and the cycle will never end, the similarity of every site will be that they will contain ads but, you can easily tackle that with the help of those working methods mentioned in the article. If you have any other suggestions kindly write it down in the comment section.


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