How To Watch Shows On Watch Series Online Without ADS

Watch Series Online has millions of users each month and every user has only one problem, too many ads. Legal ads can be a pain sometimes but, here the website watch series is filled with inappropriate ads and pop-ups and we’ve been getting messages since we have kept the site into our recommendations as one of the best movie streaming sites.

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Why Watch Series have ADS?

As many of you already know watch series is a huge site and to manage all the server cost they have to earn through some medium and legal google ads won’t here because its against their policies so, they choose different networks to earn money. Not only ads they provide sponsored ads on their site and people pay heavy bucks because of the users they get.


AdBlocker for Watch Series[Desktop users]

The procedures are different for both desktop and mobile users. We’ll cover the desktop users first because that’s where the majority of watch series users lie. Now, all you have to do is, go to the google chrome extension and search the term ‘adblocker’ and you’ll see many extensions that can block ads on the majority of the sites you visit, it doesn’t even have to watch series alone.

Just select the extension with the most downloads and positive reviews and you’re good to do. Well, couldn’t you find a good adblocker? We have the right one for you.

Adblock Plus

watch series

AdBlock is a free extension that will help you get rid of ads. Wanna know how it works. Follow 2 basic steps and you’re done.


Step 1

First, you have to follow the button above and it’ll redirect you to the AdBlocker extension and from then you have to click 0n the ‘add to chrome’ button on the right top and thereafter it’ll ask you for the confirmation.

adblock plus

Step 2

Now that you have clicked on the add extension mark your screen will look like this.

adblock plus

The AdBlocker has been successfully added into your browser and it’ll block all the possible ads and all the data can be seen by clicking on the extension icon on the top right of your screen.

AdBlocker for Watch series [Mobile]

For the mobile or tab users, all you have to do is, go to the play store and search for Adblocker and there will be plenty of fine apps listed, choose any of them with good ratings and download it.


Follow this button and it’ll redirect you to the best AdBlocker we could find on the play store.


These were the only ways you can get rid of annoying ads. Now, you have to keep in mind that these AdBlockers cannot block sponsored posts or legal ads provided by google[in some cases] but, it’ll definitely help you out with pop-up ads and redirection ads.

Please note that none of the recommendations are affiliated to us.

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